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Transform your working life to do the work you love. It’s much easier than you might think.

Stop Searching.

End the constant search for that perfect relationship. Find the ideal relationship that truly reflects who you are.

Your Path, Your Choice.

Choose a plan that best suits your needs and budget and puts you on the path to lasting, positive change.

Introducing Your Future Self.

Change any aspect of your life to become your ideal future self.

Move Forwards.

After a physical or mental health crisis, take the path to recovery and resilience.

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How To Talk To Your Ex About Money

You know the situation all too well. You’re the primary carer for your beautiful kids, and as they grow they need more and more things that cost more and more money. Child support doesn't always cover what's needed, so the next option is to start the dreaded...

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You CAN Do The Work You Love Without Going Broke

Sometimes, when you look at the way we’ve structured our society, you wonder why on earth we’ve done things the way we have. It seems like we’re in a never-ending cycle of work and debt, and only at the end of our lives, when everything is paid off, can we step off...

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How To Become Your Future Self

There is a really great way to accelerate the process of bringing lasting, positive change to your life and it works no matter what situation you're in or what it is you want to change. It doesn't require a huge time investment or spending any money or signing up to...

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Did You Know?


of people in full-time employment say they are unfulfilled by the work they do.


report that they have little or no passion for their job.


are completely disinterested in their work.

You can do the work you love without going broke.

Create Change NOW.

Why wait? You can create change in any aspect of life starting TODAY.

The Cycle of Change and Transformation

Learn more about the fundamental concepts you’ll be working with to bring about lasting, positive change.

Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan that best suits your needs and budget and puts you on the path to lasting, positive change.
In only a few short weeks of seeing Blair I went from struggling with my mental health to being on top of it. Melissa

Sydney, Aus

Blair has a great, easy manner that made me comfortable enough to open up quickly. I think I already knew the root of the problem when we had our first session, but he helped me to pinpoint exactly what has been going on and gave me clarity as to my next steps. I even found myself voicing some insights out loud that I didn’t even know I had. That’s what really impressed me: it wasn’t so much that Blair gave me clarity, but that he somehow coaxed that clarity out of me. Plus I appreciated his analogies and more esoteric perspectives. Really great. Thank you!


London, England