Starter Plan


Take action on your ultimate change and transformation. The Standard Plan includes fortnightly one-on-one sessions and email correspondence when you need it.

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The Starter Plan is ideal for when you’re committed to a path of change and transformation in any aspect of your life. Through fortnightly one-on-one sessions, you and I will work through the cycle of change and transformation so that the actions you take are as effective as possible at getting you where you want to be. Sessions are held with Blair Robinson using Skype, FaceTime, Google or telephone and can be scheduled for a time that suits you. Between sessions, you’ll have access to Blair via email to ask questions or clarify any aspect of the cycle of change and transformation you’re in.


  • Leverage your natural excitement, passion and creativity and channel it into creating change
  • Connect with your Future Self
  • Move forward after a physical or mental health crisis
  • Move beyond the blocks that come up along the way by letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Transform any aspect of life, e.g. work, career, business, relationships, health, family, money…
  • Lose weight or change your state of health without struggle
  • Learn mindfulness techniques, practical methods for staying centred, balanced and positive
  • Let go of struggle, develop resilience and move forwards after a crisis.

Payments are made automatically each month, and you can cancel or switch plans at any time. Note: When you purchase this plan, you will able to nominate the day(s) and times(s) you prefer for your one-on-one sessions.

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