Fast-Track Plan


Create change NOW. The Premium Plan includes weekly intensive one-on-one sessions so that you can bring about the changes you want in life much faster than you ever thought possible.

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Choose the Fast-Track Plan when you want to take action on changing your life NOW. Through weekly one-on-one sessions, we’ll work together through the full cycle of change and transformation so you can change your life in the most accelerated way possible. It doesn’t matter which area of your life you want to change or transform, the Fast-Track Plan will keep you focused, driven and passionate about it. Sessions are held with Blair Robinson using Skype, FaceTime, Google or telephone and can be scheduled for a time that suits you. Throughout the time you’ll have access to Blair via email to ask questions or clarify any aspect of the cycle of change and transformation you’re in.

  • Get out of the job you do, and into the work you love
  • Permanently change your relationships so they serve you in a positive way
  • Recover from a physical or mental health crisis and be better than you ever were before
  • Become the vision you’ve always had of your future self
  • Learn metaphysical concepts that allow you to eliminate stress, anxiety, to be more present and positive in everyday life
  • Learn the techniques, tools and concepts to help others to create change in their lives.

Payments are monthly, and you can cancel or switch plans at any time. Note: When you purchase this plan, you will able to nominate the day(s) and times(s) you prefer for your one-on-one sessions.