The Cycle of Change and Transformation

In the past, our traditional view of change has been that it’s something that happens TO us. Whether the change is planned or unplanned, for a long time we have believed that the events, situations and circumstances of our lives are separate from ourselves and we only have a limited influence. This often causes people to struggle with change, because they feel powerless in the face of their circumstances, or they feel like they’re stuck and there’s nothing they can do.

But after spending several years coaching people through major changes in their lives, one fact has become extremely clear. Change is not something that happens TO us, it is something that happens THROUGH us. Similar to the discoveries that have been made in the scientific realms, we are now understanding that we’re inseparable from the events, situations and circumstances of our lives, and that WE are actually the orchestrators of change in our world.

The fact that WE are the orchestrators of change in our world is the founding principle of The Cycle of Change and Transformation. The Cycle is a set of simple concepts and ideas that anyone can apply in their life to create lasting, positive change. It recognises that true transformation is not just a one-off event, but a perpetual cycle that has periods of expansion and contraction, good and bad, dark and light, positive and negative. Cycle of Change and Transformation Some elements of the cycle focus on the non-physical aspects such as mindset, state of being and belief systems while others focus on the more physical aspects such as taking action, using your creativity, and managing expectations. Both are necessary to create a successful path to change and transformation. Some great examples of where the Cycle has been successful are:

  • Transitioning from a job you’ve done for a long time, into work that you’re passionate about. Many people don’t think this is possible for them, because of the belief that their passion won’t make them any money, or that they don’t have what it takes, or that they’re trapped in their circumstances and can’t get out.
  • Moving forward after a physical or mental health crisis and creating the extraordinary life you prefer, despite the challenges your condition offers.
  • Changing a difficult relationship situation to one that serves everyone in a more positive way, finding the ideal relationship even when it seems like that is completely out of reach, or resolving challenging situations with family members or in the workplace.
  • Ending the struggle with weight loss and creating the body and state of health you’ve always wanted.

Following the Cycle isn’t like a programme where you follow a series of steps. It works by heightening your awareness of the natural cycle of change, so you can flow with that cycle easily rather than struggling against it. It shows you how to use the natural creative abilities we were all born with, and how to overcome the unconscious influences we all have that work against our efforts. People who follow the Cycle not only learn how to change any aspect of their lives, but also how to help others on their journey through change and transformation.

Transform Any Aspect of Your Life

Use the Cycle to transform any aspect of your life that you want to change.

Transform your Work

Use the Cycle to get out of the job you do, and into the work you love.

Transform your Relationships

Use the Cycle to orchestrate a complete transformation of your relationships, or find a new one.

Transform your Health

Use the Cycle to completely re-invent your relationship to your health.

Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

“Change is movement, and movement is change. If you want to create change, then you must create movement. You must take action. If you’re not sure what action to take to create the change you want, then follow your excitement. It’s your compass needle.”

Blair Robinson

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Blair Robinson