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I’m an expert in the field of Personal Change and Transformation, which means I understand the mechanism of change and I use that knowledge to empower people to transform their lives. All my life I’ve been hugely excited by metaphysical principles and concepts, but like many people I bought into the belief system that these exciting things were just side interests and that you had to get a haircut and a real job to be able to survive in this world. It’s fortunate that I was born the son of a spirit medium and a theosophist, so there was always an esoteric principle being thrown around at our house, and always a book on some out-there topic lying around for me to pick up and read. The concepts and ideas we discussed at the dinner table definitely weren’t typical dinner table conversations!

In the late 1980’s I came across the ‘follow your excitement’ principle which really resonated with me, because that’s essentially what I’d always done. I was a musician, playing in up to four bands at the one time, an I.T professional who just couldn’t get enough of exciting new technologies, and I had so many dreams and schemes and plans that it felt like life was a blur and I didn’t know which exciting thing to act on next. But I stuck with the corporate world of I.T because I still had that belief system that music and metaphysics wouldn’t make me enough money to survive and thrive in this world.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I began to explore the idea that truly following your highest, most authentic passion will actually support you and bring you the fulfilment that you’ve always been looking for. In that year I went to Los Angeles, met with Darryl Anka and had a session with Bashar, whose metaphysical principles had always resonated with me. That’s when I realised that my truest, most highest excitement in life is to use the knowledge and information that I’m so passionate about to help people create change and transformation in their own lives.

At that time, the only framework I could find for doing this professionally was to become a Life Coach, so I spent about 12 months training, networking and taking on pro bono coaching work in order to transition out of the work I was doing and into this new, exciting field. Finally, in late 2012, I created The Naked Coach and this became the primary vehicle for me to deliver my services to people all around the world.

I’m a living example of how following your excitement and passion can get you exactly where you want to be in life. I’m constantly expanding and refining my concepts and techniques for change and transformation, and I consider myself extremely privileged to be able to assist people in bringing about the transformational life changes that express who they truly are in the fullest and most complete way possible.

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