Life Support

$43.00 / week

Life Support isĀ an innovative, affordable approach to Life Coaching that will give you the support you need during life’s ups and downs. See below for a full description.

*NOTE* – This service is made available only to a limited number of people at a time. To enquire about upcoming availability, please contact



“I believe that every single person on this planet can do amazing things. I believe that every single one of us deserves the best that life has to offer. And I believe that inside of us, deep down, we have the skills, the tools, the resources, the passion and the drive to create the extraordinary life that we’ve always wanted.”

It’s just sometimes, we need a little support to get there.

Life Support is a new, innovative service that provides guidance through your cycle of change. Whether the changes going on in your life are difficult, exciting or both, having expert guidance will give you the clarity to make better decisions and take the right actions to get where you need to be. Life Support is designed to keep you on-track in your personal development journey by always reminding you of the knowledge that you already hold within, and unlocking that knowledge for you to use in a very practical way.

Life Support works with both the Yin and the Yang, the ups and the downs, the positive and the negative. It is ideal in situations where:

  • You’ve had a big, unexpected change in your life – an Inflection Point – and you’re working through what it means and how to move forward, or
  • You’re planning and creating change in your life, taking action on your excitement and passion and you have an amazing vision of the future, or
  • You’re at a balance point, a crossroads, and you’re not sure which path to take.

Life Support uses many of the principles from Practical Metaphysics including Limiting Belief Mapping, Guided Introspection, Life Coaching and of course the Cycle of Change.

How it Works

It’s really simple. You can sign up to Life Support for as long or as short as you wish. Once you’re signed up, you can book 1hr sessions, either regularly or ad-hoc, whenever you need. There’s no cost per session as this is covered by your weekly membership. Sessions take place online using the Zoom app on whatever device you have.

Please note that in order to provide a valuable and responsive service, only a limited number of people are given access to Life Support at any one time.

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