Starting a New Business?

If you’re anything like me, you might have been tempted over the years to throw in your job and start your own business. I did it several times, but nothing ever really worked out, and each time I ended up going back to full-time employment.

What I learnt from the process was that it’s important to be brutally honest with yourself about your motivation for starting a business. Are you doing it out of excitement and passion for the work itself? Are you doing it because you have expectations of wealth? Are you doing it for recognition? Are you just looking for a way out of the rat race?

If you really understand your motivation for going into business, then this is something that you can draw upon during the tough times when you feel like giving up. Without that solid understanding of your true motivation, pushing through the inevitable challenges is sometimes just too difficult.

This week’s video is all about asking yourself the right questions to understand your motivation for starting this new business. This is important because your motivation determines your actions, regardless of what your business plan says.


With Love from your Coach,