Habit Versus Choice

Habit Versus Choice

by Blair Robinson | Empowering Ideas

It’s pretty common to hear people talk about their behaviours as habits, especially their undesirable behaviours. It’s a safe, easy first step to identifying something that you want to change. By calling something a habit, you acknowledge that you’re doing it, but you don’t really take responsibility for it. By saying “I have a habit of doing this”, you’re suggesting that the thing you’re doing might be beyond your control and there’s nothing really you can do at the moment to change it. But if you want to accelerate positive change in your life, if you want to really own your life, then now might be a good time to redefine what constitutes a habit, and what constitutes a choice.

If you find yourself repetitively doing something that you’d prefer not to do any more, then this is really an incredible opportunity to take some big steps on your journey to self-discovery. The process of understanding the drivers behind this behaviour and the belief systems that underpin it will give you an amazing insight into your true nature and this is something that benefits every part of your life. By going through the process of converting habits to choices, you don’t just change an undesirable behaviour, you begin to live your life more consciously, and that is the key to bringing lasting, positive change to your life, and the lives of those around you.

So what are you calling a habit that is really a choice?

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